Relax... calm down... breathe...

Reconnect with your soul in this narrative rich rhythmic arcade.

Breathe along with Fred on his journey.

[ Headphones recommended ]


Programming & Game Design

Martin Šenkeřík (ohin)

Music and sound design

Pere P. Ripoll [web]


Isaac Martí

Game Writer

Serena N. Martinez [web]


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Nice story ! But the gameplay is very repetitiv. I like the sprites btw

Thank you for the feedback! It indeed is. We will try to add more variety to it. Don't you have any ideas what could improve the gameplay?

Maybe, some 2d mini game who represent the story. A puzzle when the character have to find an idea by himself, a parkour when the character have to escape a thought, etc... Excuse me if my english is not correct.

This game gave me stress but I beat it.

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope the satisfaction of beating it fixed it ;-)